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'Beauty and the Beast' at The Muny

James Lindhorst, Broadway World

"All the technical theatre aspects of this production are dazzling. Ann Beyersdorfer’s scenic design and set decoration is lavish. Every detail is intentional from the castle interior, built on a grand scale, down to the small touches like luxuriant lilacs cascading from the candelabras on The Beast’s dining room table. "
Full Review HERE

'Afterglow' at the Hudson Theatre

Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

" of the most gorgeous productions I’ve seen at the Hudson Mainstage, a marvel of see-through plastic, moveable black set pieces, florescent lights, and the aforementioned shower."
Full Review HERE

'Afterglow' at the Hudson Theatre

V Cate, Stage Raw

"....shower scenes which are made possible by Ann Beyersdorfer’s brilliant scenic design. Comprised of glass and mirror, the stage is furnished with modular set pieces, which transform chic-ly into various in-play living spaces. At the center of the stage lies a drain, made to collect the water which pours powerfully from above. Working in tandem with Jamie Roderick’s lighting design, the visual experience is fantastic. "
Full Review HERE

'West Side Story' at The Muny

Joanne Fistere, KDHX

"....The impressive set, designed by St. Louisan now NY-based Ann Beyersdorfer, sits floor to sky rotating seamlessly from New York back alleys to Maria’s bedroom to Doc’s drug store to the bridal shop and so on. "

'Yoga Play' at Syracuse Stage

Barbara Adams, Ithaca Times

"Ann Byersdorfer’s elegantly modern set, are space-age aspirational: smooth, simple, and clean with signature apple green fitness balls for seating. "
Full Review HERE

'The Night Alive' at Guild Hall

Aileen Jacobson, NY Times

"The work doesn't just pass - it shines expertly presented vision....

The set, designed by Ann Beyersdorfer, is vivid, strewn with cardboard boxes, plastic bins, a toolbox, a sink flanked by a battered metal file cabinet, assorted trash and three doorways that actually seem to lead somewhere."

Full Review HERE

'The Dodgers' at the Hudson Theatre

Kathleen Foley, L.A. Times

"Michael Carnahan and Ann Beyersdorfer's detailed set — a rural commune in the dead of a Northeastern winter — is extraordinary. The snug, funky hippie haven is where the play's young heroes gather to make love, create music and smoke plenty of pot."
Full Review HERE

'The Black Book' 

British Theatre

"Beyersdorfer’s design, like a surprise volcano, provides a familiar landscape which delivers uncomfortable, hot surprises. . . . . . Oh, that London saw new plays this interesting more often."
Full Review HERE
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