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Theatre is a communal experience. It is an inspiration and an influence, a give and take, a language of its own. We are continually shaped by the world around us. And through our own experiences, observations, exchanges of behavior, reactions, we create worlds that articulate the experiences and stories we want to share. I am fascinated by these relationships- human interactions made between objects and one's surroundings. Therefore, I am interested in the collaboration to provide characters the opportunity to experience this - to mold what is around them in order to create their own worlds and environments, and, likewise, how we can design a world, a texture, an object that can in turn inspire their actions and reactions, that help shape them and the stories that they weave.


| Who am I? | The Specifics |


I am a New York City based freelance Scenic Designer.  Originally hailing from the midwest’s land of corn, I have found my place amongst the bustling concrete jungle of New York City.


I studied art history in Florence, Italy, architecture with the Syracuse University School of Architecture, and earned my BFA in Theatre Design and Technology from Syracuse University.


I strive to employ sustainable practices in my work, am a proud member and supporter of the Broadway Green Alliance, and am co-founder and resident art director of RADD Theatre Co., a production company dedicated to creating a community that fosters new work. 

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Ann is participating in Sleep Out: Stage and Screen. In solidatary with the 4.2 million kids who experience homelessness in our country, I'm joining the Covenant House and sleeping out on the streets so they don't have to. Support our campaign here.