"The work doesn't just pass - it shines expertly presented vision...." - The NY Times


"The set, designed by Ann Beyersdorfer, is also vivid, strewn with cardboard boxes, plastic bins, a toolbox, a sink flanked by a battered metal file cabinet, assorted trash and three doorways that actually seem to lead somewhere." - The NY Times


“This is as good as Broadway.”  -Lorraine Dusky, The Southampton Press



THE DODGERS | Scenic Design


"Michael Carnahan and Ann Beyersdorfer's detailed set — a rural commune in the dead of a Northeastern winter — is extraordinary. The snug, funky hippie haven is where the play's young heroes gather to make love, create music and smoke plenty of pot." - The L.A. Times


"The Dodgers looks absolutely stunning on Michael Carnahan and Ann Beyersdorfer’s meticulously detailed farm house-turned-commune set" - Stage Scene LA


THE BLACK BOOK | Scenic Design


"The design from Ann Beyersdorfer is at once cliched and utterly perfect. The chessboard irritates at first, but you can see why it works. The sense of imprisonment, of claustrophobia in ordinary environments, of always being watched, of never being quite alone, cleverly conveyed. The professor might not see the poet but who can’t see you? Beyersdorfer’s design, like a surprise volcano, provides a familiar landscape which delivers uncomfortable, hot surprises. . . . . . Oh, that London saw new plays this interesting more often."  - British Theatre (full article)


"Ann Beyersdorfer’s scenic design was gorgeous. The set was an actual chessboard, allowing the characters to advance and retreat as needed." - IN New York


"Ann Beyersdorfer's set however, is the star. She has created a large chessboard with oversized pieces to be moved as the game of life, or should I say memory is played. " - Times Square Chronicles 


"The stage itself is almost another character in the play. . ." - Stage Buddy


"Thematically central to the plot is set designer Ann Beyersdorfer’s human-sized chess set. Scattered across the multi-leveled stage, the pieces seem to signify the paradoxical multitude and lack of agency we possess in our own lives. They suggest that our circumstances simultaneously present us a nearly infinite combination of options and an equally large number of unforeseeable obstacles." - Theatre Scene




"The set design by Ann Beyersdorfer perfectly captures the mood of the creepy family mansion, with long, vertical shutters opening and closing as the “ancestors” peer in on the scene. " - Leigh Valley Stage


RED FLAMBOYANT | Scenic Design


"Walking into the sacred church space where this show lives, I felt like I was in another world.  Ann Beyersdorfer’s colorful set evokes Southeast Asia and, by virtue of being rectangular in the round, is quite immersive. " - NY Theater Now





"Only a university company with access to the professional resources of scenic designer Ann Beyersdorfer, costumer Meggan Camp, lighting designer Alex Koziara, sound designer Katherine Walters and musical director Brian Cimmer is going to be able to pull this off." - Syracuse New Times


"A unique and eye-pleasing production of the popular show." - NewsHouse


"Stylistically, the concept is pseudo-simple...the show’s most visible props are a rolling platform, scaffold and ladder... identities of several zoomorphic figures (birds, the kangaroo, cats, fish) are implied by costumes or small props...It looks and sounds magnificent and comes out happily at the end." - Syracuse New Times


"Set (Ann Beyersdorfer) and lighting (Alex Koziara) combine to use sizable but simple effects that trigger imaginations. Huge white curtains help suggest various sites, and multi-use set pieces are transformed by the actors into things like buses. I don't want to suggest that the effect is minimalist. Just the opposite -- the settings seem lavish, and sometimes the whole thing is caught up in a universe of whirling stars." - The Syracuse Post Standard 


" ...A simple set that consisted of only three rolling platforms, three backdrop boards, and a [cut out] frame in the waving style of the books....when combined with effective lighting it was transformed into the imaginative world that populates the Seuss Universe" - Green Room Reviews


"With a black and white set and a few moving platforms, the SU Drama production of "Seussical" will reimagine the simple staging of the 1999 workshop." - VPA News Release




TOP GIRLS | Projection Design


"What almost stole the show was the beautifully illustrated background the play was set against, which varied from an English cottage yard to an architectural blueprint design of scenic London. Acting as a window to the world outside of Churchill’s words, it reminded the audience of life beyond the women’s movement. " - Daily Orange


"The various settings are presented with evocative costumes, creative set changes and even more impressive photographic projections. The entire design team, mostly made up of students, did an excellent job conveying the various locations — from the restaurant scene to the office and then to Joyce’s shabby home." - CNY Cafe Momus