The completed BGA bonnet portrays a visual of what one may see when taking a springtime ride on a citi bike through New York City. The goal was to show the beauty of NYC and remind people why they love this city. The city is continually growing and sprouting new beginnings and  opportunities for people, like a blooming flower in spring.  We were also interested in the prospering, sustainable benefits of the citi bike as well as the forward movement of the bike and its path, and wanted to incorporate that motion in a way that suggests forward, sustainable thinking.

Bonnet Designers | Ann Beyersdorfer and Kalyani Priyadarshan
Fabricator | Laurel Parrish
*Special thanks to mentor, Donyale Werle
** Created 100% with upcycled and recycles materials.

| Broadway Green Alliance Easter Bonnet | Minskoff Theatre, Spring 2014

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids 28th Annual Easter Bonnet Competition

@ 2018 by Ann Beyersdorfer. 


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